Janelle adams

Cake Artist


Hi! My name's Janelle and one of my favourite things about running my own wedding cake business is getting to meet loved-up people who are planning their weddings and parties. Being involved in such special occasions is very heart-warming and I particularly love the thought of playing an important (and delicious) part in so many happy days. I also love getting to see great 'cake face' when people first take a bite of one of my lovely cakes at their private tasting & design consultation!

I adore creating beautiful, edible works of art for all of my clients xx



Despite growing up helping my grandmother and mother to make cakes, lamingtons and other wonderfully CWA-type treats, I fell into making bespoke wedding cakes completely by accident. I worked for a law firm in London many years ago and we had an in-house baking competition, which I won. Everyone loved the flourless chocolate mud cupcakes I made for the event and they started asking me to make things for them. They then started paying me to make things for them! I found I had a love for the creative side of the process – playing with recipes and flavours and, of course, the decorating side of things is great fun. After a lovely amount of encouragement and support from dear friends and family, and many years of practice and experience, I have returned home to Perth and turned my wonderful hobby into a beautiful little business that I run from my registered, insured and inspected home cake studio in Mount Lawley xx

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OMG! Our CAKE WAS DIVINE!!! Everyone commented on it! I am so happy you made our cakes!!


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